Injoy Motion Corp. is an affiliation of Internet Motion Navigation Corp. (IMON) which began with heavy capital infusion focused on research and development since 1989.

that’s the motto that Injoy Motion Corporation has been representing in its daily strive to make gamers from all of over the globe smile. Its roots come from more than 20 years of research and development in the field of integrating motion simulation technology with 3D animation engines generating a virtual reality environment. This cutting edge technology may be applied to a variety of fields, from highly complex national defense systems to jaw-dropping space ship flying.

 Injoy Motion has successfully integrated the motion base platform and recoil machine gun simulator with vivid 3D animation game software and produced cost-effective simulators. Accompanied with exciting interactive game contents, Injoy Motion’s simulators provide people of all ages the joy they have never experienced before while playing racing and shooting video games. Our mission is attracting players to leave behind the console game and come out of their homes, which assures the amusement machine industry a new flow of profit!
  Furthermore, Injoy Motion will launch new types of games such as redemption games, videmption games, and music video games. These new games will be integrated with 3D graphics, touch panels, and our company’s core technology. Ultimately, we will keep bringing games that are – All for Fun, Fun for All!